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Bone & Hormone Wellness centers throughout the Dallas-metro area is a family-run and owned business that cares primarily about the health and hormonal well-being of our customers, started by Dr. Michael D. Duchamp, D.O. we offer only top-of-the-line, professional grade nutraceuticals and optional nutritional and hormonal testing to determine any deficiencies body may be experiencing. We also can provide consultations with hormone specialists who can recommend the right supplements or hormone therapy options that are best for you! Though he no longer practices orthopedics, Dr. Duchamp is always quick to say that bioidentical hormone replacement is the most rewarding thing he has ever done for his clients!

Dr. Michael D. Duchamp, D.O. Is Here to Help with Your Hormone Replacement Therapy!

     Dr. Duchamp is a graduate of the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth.  He completed his residency in Orthopedic Surgery at Mount Clemens General Hospital in Michigan.  Being an orthopedic surgeon and having treated patients with fractures due to thin bones, he developed an interest in bioidentical hormone therapy as being a solution to help the body increase bone strength.  He no longer practices orthopedics, but is quick to tell you that bioidentical hormone replacement is the most rewarding thing he has ever done for his patients.

     Studies show that normal bone mass will increase while a person is being treated with bioidentical testosterone and estrogen.  Not only does it help the bones, but bioidentical hormones protect the heart, brain, and breast tissue.  Dr. Duchamp is excited about helping his patients have a better and fuller life.

     Dr. Duchamp has been treating patients with the BioTE method since 2012.  He has reached Platinum status with BioTE Medical, the highest level attainable, performing over 2000 new patient procedures and over 6000 total procedures.  Due to his platinum status with BioTE, he has been given the honor and privilege of being a BioTE trainer. He teaches new BioTE practitioners how to perform pellet insertions at monthly training sessions held at the BioTE corporate facilities in Los Colinas.  Dr. Duchamp is also a BioTE Mentor helping other practitioners with any questions they may have in the treatment of their patients.

     One of the main pieces of the puzzle when it comes to obtaining patient health is optimizing the patients hormones.  Another big piece of that puzzle is nutrition and vitamin supplementation.  Dr. Duchamp will order blood tests and make recommendations based on each individuals specific deficiencies shown in their test results.

     Dr. Duchamp has recently started treating patients with stem cell and PRP therapy.  Injections are given for joint and back pain with excellent results.  He has also incorporated the stem cell and PRP therapy into facial rejuvenation and hair restoration procedures.  Dr. Duchamp uses cutting edge umbilical cord stem cells obtained from  healthy live human deliveries.  By using these new and young umbilical stem cells, he is better able to help his patients instead of the old way of using the patients own aged stem cells that are painfully extracted from the patients own bone marrow or fat.

     Dr. Duchamp continues to strive to provide the best care to his patients and to help them with their overall health and wellness.  The betterment if his patients is his number one priority.

Bodies, Bones and Brains Can All Benefit from Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Studies show that normal bone mass may increase while a person is being treated with bioidentical testosterone and estrogen. Not only do they have the potential to support bones, but bioidentical hormones may also help protect the heart, brain, and breast. Dr. Duchamp is excited about helping his clients to have a better and fuller life and has made it his mission to provide excellent hormone therapy services and products. With so much already changing as we age, hormone imbalances are one of the widest reaching and uncomfortable issues which can negatively impact your quality of life. Your local Bone & Hormone Wellness Center though is equipped to help with all your hormone therapy needs!

Learn About How Dr. Duchamp May Be Able to Help You Optimize Your Hormones

Our products available in Dallas range from a wide variety of the world’s most effective nutraceutical brands, giving you the power to choose from the most premium products all in one platform. Whether you are making significant changes or just want to stay focused on maintaining healthy habits, Bone & Hormone Wellness in Dallas is here to provide you with the highest quality choices on the market, allowing you to embark on a healthier lifestyle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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