At Bone & Hormone Wellness Center we provide the Dallas-metro area our assistance in the ongoing struggle against hormonal deficiency and imbalance. Did you know that we may be able to help you fight the effects of aging and all its symptoms? Don't wait any longer to bolster your sense of well-being. No other company in Dallas works as hard or cares as much about your health as we do. Now is the time for you to commit to a better, healthier you with our exceptional services in hormone therapy. Learn more about our hormone replacement services in the articles below or visit your local Bone & Hormone Wellness Center for a consultation!
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All About DIM(PDF) Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Andropause? What’s that?(PDF) Thursday, March 1st, 2018
Vitamin D deficiency casting a cloud over your health?(PDF) Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Stave Off the Effects of Andropause; Bone & Hormone Wellness Center Can Help!

Males begin their hormone decline on average at age 35, losing 2% of testosterone production per year. Why is that important? Isn’t testosterone just for sexual health? In fact, Testosterone is primarily a brain hormone which can affect memory, mood, fatigue levels and sleep disturbance—in both men and women! If you feel off, there is a chance that unbalanced hormones could be a contributing factor. Pay attention to your symptoms and think twice about filling the prescriptions given to quell symptoms, rather than treat the hormone imbalance or reduction which could be the culprit.

If Your Hormones Are Off Balance, Check Out the Wide World of DIM Benefits!

DIM, is the most active dietary indole in cruciferous vegetables, is a healthy stimulus for the beneficial metabolism of estrogen in men and woman. Maintaining healthy hormonal balance, no matter your age improves how you look and feel. The basic fact is that estrogen can be a tremendous support for lifelong health, but only if it is safely and efficiently metabolized. DIM can further help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, improve prostate health, and help guard against prostate enlargement

Allow Us to Help You Fight Against Vitamin D Deficiency and Hormone Imbalance!

Did you know that vitamin D regulates over 200 genes throughout the body! This essential nutrient is called a vitamin, but dietary vitamin D is in fact, a precursor hormone — the building block of a powerful steroid called calcitriol. It’s been known for many years that vitamin D is critical to the health of our bones and teeth, but a deeper insight into D’s wider role in our overall health is quite new. Vitamin D works in concert with other nutrients and hormones in your body to support healthy bone renewal!

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