Stem Cell Therapy in Dallas, TX

Studies have shown, stem cells may help when it comes to dealing with illness in Dallas, disease and other health-related dilemmas. With the ability to help repair responses of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells, they can be a useful approach to the health problems you might face in Dallas.

What Are Stem Cells? Let Our Dallas Center Explain

Stem cells are our body’s natural repair system. They are undifferentiated cells located throughout in almost every organ and tissue, and have the ability to change into any kind of cell. Like the other cells in our body, stem cells age the same, which is why we use stem cells from the umbilical cord, which are young and healthy cells. These cells are derived exclusively from umbilical cord after delivery of a baby, making their access less-invasive and more readily available to our Dallas clients than other sources, such as bone marrow.

Dallas’s Leading Stem Cell Therapy Provider

Stem cell therapy is readily accessible in when you partner with our experienced, skilled company in Dallas. Studies have shown, stem cells are a useful tool in the realm of health and wellness in the Dallas area, as they have the capacity to migrate to injured tissues, a phenomenon called homing, which occurs when injured tissues or cells signal distress. Once stem cells are delivered to the site of the injury, they respond to the distress signals and dock onto adjacent cells, and release proteins called growth factors. These growth factors then control the immune system and regulate inflammation within the body. The downsides are minor, with after-effects seen in only a small percentage of the clients we see.

Premier Stem Cell Center in Dallas

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing Dallas clients with specialized approaches to the symptoms your health problems may pose. As a leading provider of stem cell therapy in Dallas, our modern approach to health and wellness is made available to our clients. We work to help ensure the health and well-being of everyone who comes to see us in Dallas. Rely on the team at our stem cell center to bring to bring modern methods, incredible care and high-quality service to our clients in the Dallas area.

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